Resume Tips

Your resume shows where you have been, what you have done and what you are qualified to do next. Make a good impression by presenting a professional and captivating resume. 

Building Your Resume

Every resume should contain sections for the following information:

  • Education – Diploma, Degrees (Majors, Minors), GPA, Certificates
  • Professional work experience with dates of employment listed chronologically
    -Responsibilities and accomplishments
    -All work experience can be relevant, focus on transferrable skills.
  • Technology and software skills
  • Awards
  • Extracurricular Activities – Clubs, Organizations, Community Service, Team
    -List leadership positions!
  • Don’t forget your name and contact info, including professional social networking accounts (ex. LinkedIn or Twitter) 
  • Be sure your e-mail is appropriate and professional.Ex]
  • Be sure your voice-mail is appropriate
    -Carefully consider the use of ring-back tones.
    -This may be a potential employer’s first impression of you!

Resume Dos

  • Pick a clear font size / style
  • Spell check, twice!
  • Include dates of employment
  • Use action statements to describe your experiences and responsibilities. (Ex. Managed a team; coordinated projects; composed feature articles; generated sales, etc.). 
  • List results from previous jobs whenever possible (Ex. Increased sales by 10% or reduced expenses by 5%)
  • Bullet statements – Be concise…save the details for the interview!
  • Have someone read it for errors.
  • Include keywords relevant to the position or organization you are applying with throughout your resume. In larger companies, HR departments are starting to use scanning technology to simplify the resume review process. 
  • Customize your objective to the position or organization you are applying with. Show them why you are worth of an interview. 

Resume Don'ts

  • Cram too much onto 1 page, use 2 if needed but make sure it is all relevant.
  • Forget to spell check
  • Embellish using exaggeration or using big words to draw attention. 
  • No personal info i.e. - marital status, children, age etc.

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