The Importance of Networking

Did you know that 65-70% of open positions are never advertised to the public? The best way to find a job and build your career is to connect with people early on in your field and related areas of interest.  

Start Early

As a student, you are already making connections through your professors, peers, internships and side jobs. Make sure to stay in touch with people, and connect with them through social networks and organizations to maintain the connections after graduation. 

The Job Search

When it's time to start or change careers, connect and reach out to people who have interest in your success, and can help guide you in your search. 

Who can be a contact?

  • Alumni
  • Teacher, Counselor, Professor
  • Recruiter
  • Friends/Family
  • Professional Groups
  • Mentors

Where can I find these contacts?

  • Career Services
  • Professional Organizations (SHRM, AMA, SIFE, etc…)
  • Networking Events and Seminars
  • Professional Speakers
  • Community and Civic Groups

 Reaching Out

Do not start out a conversation by asking for an internship or a job.  You want to give your contact a chance to get to know you and formulate an opinion about whether or not they can see you succeeding in their company. 

  • Set up an informational meeting or interview.
  • Ask to shadow someone for a day to learn more.
  • Be thoughtful and thankful for their time.
  • Keep them posted of your progress. 

Has networking helped you land your dream job or internship? Tell us your story, or share a networking tip with our community.