Driver Training

We are proud to partner with a number of teen driver programs that help you make better driving decisions, on and off the road. Check out a full list of driving programs available by state

Ford Driving Skills for LifeFord Driving Skills For Life

Driving Skills for Life is a driver safety initiative from the Ford Motor Company Fund and the Governors' Highway Safety Association. Westfield Insurance joined forces with these organizations in 2007 to educate teens through programming, Driving Skills for Life curriculum, and Ride and Drive training events.

Driving Skills for Life’s interactive web site,, offers online training and games. Teens can master hazard recognition, vehicle handling, speed management and space management skills, and earn points toward possible prizes! Parents can also get smart advice to give to their newest driver.

Honda Teen Defensive-Driving ProgramHonda Teen Defensive-Driving Program

The Mid-Ohio School offers the Honda Teen Defensive-Driving Program, which provides training that is not typically taught in drivers’ education courses. The course strives to expose students to real-life, challenging situations faced when driving.

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M.Star Foundation

M.Star Foundation

Michelle’s Leading Star Foundation (M.Star) is a Media County, Ohio, effort to bring driving education back into the schools.

After Michelle Sanderbeck was tragically lost to a teen driving crash that was the result of speed and inexperience, her family began M.Star with the purpose of limiting the number of teenage deaths in America.

In 2008 M.Star launched a pilot program at Medina High School, placing three driving simulators in the school to be used in a three-week course on safe driving. The initial course proved so effective that it's now an elective in the school's regular health curriculum. The course is designed to be taught before students get behind the wheel – so that when they do have their license, they are better prepared for the road.

Now that M.Star has gained support in the local community, the goal is to grow the program throughout the state of Ohio.

Learn more about the M.Star Foundation.

Road Safe TeensRoad Safe Teens Driving Program

Westfield Insurance partners with The Mid-Ohio School, and is proud to offer Road Safe Teens a program at the school in Lexington, Ohio.

This program is a FREE condensed version of the Honda Teen Defensive Driving program. Road Safe Teens includes all of the drills designed to help teens become better drivers by practicing crash avoidance through skid control, emergency lane change and braking drills with professional drivers.

Teens without a license are encouraged to be accompanied by an adult, but will not be permitted to take part in driving exercises. Teens must have a valid driver’s license or permit to participate.

Check back for 2014 program details.

Take Control 

take control teen driver's program sponsored by Westfield InsuranceWestfield Insurance joins sponsors the Ehrbar Angels Foundation, Mstar Foundation, Bill Doraty KIA, and partner Brunswick Blue Pride Foundation, to help teen drivers learn how to take control in the driver's seat.

Open to teens aged 16-19 with a valid driver's license, the Take Control program pairs drivers with certified police driving instructors to practice on-road safety techniques, such as skid recovery, emergency braking, and collision avoidance.

The program is an expansion of the Medina County Juvenile Diversion program.

Learn more about Take Control and register your teen for this donation-based, on-going driver's education course.

Visit for a comprehensive list of driving schools by state.

Have you attended one of our partner driving programs? Tell us about your experience, and how the program helped you become a safe driver.