Teen Driver Quizzes

teen-driver-quizHow you interact with other drivers on the road affects your safety, as well as the safety of your vehicle and passengers. You might follow the rules of the road, but are you an aggressive driver? Do you pay attention to other motorists and their reactions? 

Take our five-question quiz on Facebook for teen drivers, and learn more about your driving behavior. 

The Westfield Insurance Teen Driver Quiz points out helpful considerations for better understanding your driving personality. It's only five questions, and will take you 1-2 minutes to complete. 

Click here to get started: Facebook Teen Driver Quiz

Department of Motor Vehicles Practice Tests

Take the Department of Motor Vehicles' practice driving tests to familiarize yourself with sample questions from the written driving exam, or to brush up on rules of the road, driving best practices and general safety knowledge.

Choose between the Motorcycle Practice Test, the Drivers License Practice Test or the Road Sign Practice Test.