Teen Safety & Maintenance Tips

As a newer driver, it's easy to become distracted on the road, putting yourself, your passengers, or other drivers in danger. Follow these tips to ensure that you are putting safety first:

  • Always buckle your seatbelt.
  • Only work the radio, CD player or iPod at a stoplight; never when driving.
  • Limit your number of passengers to three or less.
  • Keep your radio turned down so you can hear sirens or horns.
  • Use headlights in fog and rain and always use a turn signal.
  • Don't drink or do drugs, and don’t drive or ride with anyone who has.
  • Use cell phones for emergency calls only, but only after you have pulled off the road and stopped the car. Drivers using cell phones are four times more likely to get into an accident.
  • Do not text on your cell phone while driving. This is often more dangerous than talking on the phone.
  • Avoid driving when you are tired.
  • Learn how to check your car’s fluids and change tires so that you can address maintenance situations when needed.

Graduated Driver Licensing Laws

The Governors Highway Safety Association developed the Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) Laws to help new drivers gain experience on the road before being given full driving privileges.

Visit the Governors Highway Safety Association website to learn more about the GDL Laws in your state.

Best Cars for Teen Drivers

It is important to select a car that is safe and reliable for you, a young driver. Consumer Reports offers their recommendations for the best (and worst) cars for teen drivers. Get this list at consumerreports.org.