Teen Driving Tips

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From vehicle handling and road hazards, to space and speed management, check out these quick tips, and to learn more on our Teen Driving main page.

Westfield Insurance brings you these teen tips in partnership with Ford Driving Skills for Life. 

Don't Lose Grip!

Jerks lose grip

Your tires’ ability to grip the road is the only thing that allows you to accelerate, slow down, stop and change directions ... and tires don’t like abrupt, jerky weight shifts.

You can’t avoid jerks, but you can learn to drive smoothly, especially on wet pavement, snow, ice or gravel.

Learn how to handle your vehicle at the Ford Driving Skills for Life Academy.

Vehicle Handling

Keep the Show on the Road!

Reality Show

Behind the wheel, you need to watch everything around you and make a mental video of what’s going on every second. You have to look, think and plan for the next scene. Record everything, taking your mind off that video even for a second could be nasty.

Learn how to watch for hazards at the Ford Driving Skills for Life Academy.


Don't Send the Wrong Signals!

Body language

Watch your body language…your car’s body language, not yours. You do this by making your moves on the road smooth and decisive. On the other hand, if you charge up behind someone, tailgate or make sudden lane changes, you are sending the wrong signals.

Learn about space management at the Ford Driving Skills for Life Academy.

Space Management

Stay in Control!


When it comes to driving, it’s good to be controlling. Just keep in mind that the only car you have control over is yours. For example, the posted speed limit is for perfect conditions. It may be too fast for the weather. Or in traffic, driving the speed limit might mean you’re tailing another car. You need to control your speed … and your temper.

Learn about speed management at the Ford Driving Skills for Life Academy.

Speed Management

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