Brain Busters Available On Demand for Comcast Customers

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Comcast recently announced that episodes of the Westfield Insurance-sponsored academic quiz show, Brain Busters, will be available On Demand to Comcast digital customers. Viewers can watch episodes of the quiz show, free of charge, after they've originally aired Saturdays on WGAL-TV.

Hosted by Rich Rosen, the show features competing high school teams, and airs on Saturdays at 12:30—with an occasional double-header at 1 p.m.—on WGAL-TV, Channel 8. Viewers can browse through previous Brain Busters episodes by choosing the "Get Local" folder from the On Demand menu. Once the folder is selected, viewers can then consecutively select "News & Information," and "WGAL 8."

The 2011-2012 season marks Brain Busters' eleventh year on air. This year, nearly forty Susquehanna Valley high schools are included in the quiz show tournament, with top high school students making up each school's team.


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