Brain Busters Double Header: November 17, 2012

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This past weekend, Westfield Insurance Brain Busters fans got a double dose of the quiz show. Students from Lower Dauphin and Spring Grove High Schools competed in the tenth episode, as well as Palmyra and Red Lion on Saturday, November 17, 2012.

Brain Busters Double Header 2012

Lower Dauphin Takes On Spring Grove

Spring Grove started out with a ten-point lead against Lower Dauphin, which followed them through to the "One to One" round. But, then the "60 Second" round happened, bringing Lower Dauphin back up front.

Rich Rosen, host of Brain Busters, began throwing out questions. Lower Dauphin caught each one, and from the beginning it was non-stop action. Both teams put on an awesome performance, and it was definitely a lot of fun for the whole crowd.

In the Final Frenzy, Lower Dauphin ended the game with a winning score of 405, and Spring Grove with 225.

Palmyra Defeats Red Lion

Rich Rosen WGAL Brain Busters

Off to a speedy start, the Red Lion team was ready to go as the questions were being fired in the “One to One” round against Palmyra in this week’s episode.

“Charity [from Red Lion] dominated all three of those questions,” said Rich Rosen, host of Brain Busters. This game, however, was neck-and-neck throughout, as Palmyra stayed very close to Red Lion until the Final Frenzy. Palmyra took the lead, and ultimately came out victorious with a score of 360 over Red Lion's 290.

Stay Tuned!

As the season continues, the winning teams from each episode will go on to the Final Challenge. Be sure to join in the fun, and watch teams from Carlisle v. Kennard-Dale schools compete in the next episode on November 24! Episodes air afternoons on WGAL-TV, Channel 8 at 1 p.m.


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