WGAL Brain Busters Recap, Sci-Tech vs. Gettysburg

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Rich-rosenOn the Oct. 22 episode of Westfield Insurance Brain Busters, Sci-Tech and Gettysburg competed against each other, with Gettysburg being victorious. Both teams stayed competitive throughout the match, with both teams demonstrating a good balance of knowledge among the team members.  In the last round, Gettysburg team member, Jack, took hold of the buzzer, and led his team to a victory.

The Bonus Brain Busters question left both teams stumped. Gettysburgh and Sci-Tech both answered Richard Nixon, in response to: "Whose Inaugural Address in 1974 reflected the end of our 'national nightmare?'" The correct answer is Gerald Ford.

Thanks to Brain Busters' host, Rich Rosen, for this episode's details.

Visit the WGAL website, and click on the Westfield Insurance Brain Busters' Bracket for more information on the show, and who's playing next!


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