Congratulations Hometown High Q Winners: Winchester Thurston School

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Hometown High QThis year's Hometown High Q season is a wrap. Returning champions from Winchester Thurston School secured a victory for the third sequential year. In a fiery battle to the finale, Winchester faced the competing team from Penn Trafford High School and Baldwin High School to come away victorious.

Congratulations team members, Nathaniel Brodsky, Avery Feingold and Andrew Linzer, on yet another fantastic season!

The team also champions the highest score to date (875) on the Westfield Insurance sponsored quiz show, according to recent coverage from Winchester Thurston School. “The team has never lost a round, coming out on top in 12 consecutive rounds of competition since 2010.”

The winning team concluded their Hometown High Q career with success. According to Winchester Thurston School, Linzer will begin his collegiate career in the fall at Yale and Feingold will graduate to Dartmouth. The third team member, Brodsky, will enter his senior year at Winchester Thurston.   

If you missed the Hometown High Q finale, which originally aired on KDKA on June 15, tune into the encore airing on Saturday, June 22 at 11:30 a.m. Don’t miss the last chance to see this renowned team in action! 

Would you or someone you know like to participate in the next season of Hometown High Q?

For more information, please contact Dan Braddock at (412)-575-2312.



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