Ford Driving Skills for Life 2011 Summer Camp

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On July 22 and 23, Ford Driving Skills for Life will host the 2011 Summer Camp at the University of Louisville's Papa John's Cardinal Stadium. The teen driving event will focus on providing young drivers with hands-on experience in four key areas:Ford Driving Skills for Life Summer Camp

  • Speed management
  • Space management
  • Vehicle handling
  • Hazard recognition

Teens will receive classroom-like instruction, as well as hands-on, in-car driving experience using specially equipped vehicles. In-car instruction is done with vehicles that simulate potentially dangerous driving conditions, such as wet pavement and emergency braking.

Ford's Driving Skills for Life 2011 Summer Camp is free and open to the public. Space is limited, so reserve you spot today! To register, visit the Driving Skills For Life Current Events page. Available sessions include: 



About Driving Skills for Life

Driving Skills for Life is a driver safety initiative from the Ford Motor Company Fund and the Governors' Highway Safety Association. Westfield Insurance joined forces with these organizations in 2007 to educate teens through programming, Driving Skills for Life curriculum, and Ride and Drive training events. Learn more at


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