Lancaster Country Day & Ephrata Compete on Brain Busters

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Students from Lancaster Country Day (Manheim Township, PA) and Ephrata (Ephrata, PA) competed Saturday, October 6, 2012 at 1 p.m. on the Westfield Insurance-sponsored quiz show Brain Busters. Episodes air on WGAL-TV, Channel 8.

Lancaster Country Day & Ephrata Brain Busters

The energy was high during Brain Busters' twelfth season kickoff. The show's host, Rich Rosen, fired questions at these young intellectuals in the show's various rounds, including “One on One Rapid Fire” and the “Team Lightning Round,” which only allows students sixty seconds to answer.

SRich Rosen WGAL Brain Busterstudents on both teams came with their game faces on, ready to compete and filled with excitement as they put their brains to the test. Rosen said, “It is all about the kids, and it is exciting to see the teams come together again."

Ephrata took home the win, scoring 325 points, while Lancaster Country Day ended the game with 245. “Ephrata came in holding the lead and would not let go,” said Rosen.

Congratulations to students on both teams for an exciting episode! Get in on the action, and watch Manheim Township and Central Dauphin go head-to-head next Saturday, October 13.

Visit the WGAL Brain Busters website, and check out the bracket of this year's competing teams!


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