Quiz Show Teams Compete to Advance to the Finals

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Brain BustersThe action has heightened on Westfield-sponsored quiz shows. Some teams fall short of a victory, while others move closer to the final rounds.

On Hometown High Q, Lincoln High School awaits the playoff round on April 6. Lincoln will challenge winning teams from Southpark and Woodland Hills. 

The Academic Challenge final match in mid-June is quickly approaching. Solon High School leads the way with an astounding 640 points. Only two high schools, Charles F. Brush and Hudson, rivaled this score with 595 and 590, consecutively, reported Cleveland.com

If Solon’s score can’t be beat, it won’t be their first time heading to the finals; however, 14 matches remain prior to the final round. Stay tuned into WEWS-TV 5 to see if other teams can beat Solon’s score!

In case you missed it, Red Land High School will continue on to the next round in the Brain Busters competition after a victory over Elizabethtown, which aired on March 2. Red Land finished the match with 350 points, while Elizabethtown came up short with 245 points. 


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