Special Guests Lester Holt & Doctor Oz Challenge Students on Brain Busters Live Finale

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Brain BustersAfter weeks of practice and fierce competition, the final teams took the stage for the Westfield Insurance Brain Busters live finale on Wednesday, April 24 at Whitaker Center. The Hershey High School team faced off against students from Manheim Township for the final match.

The 2013 season has remained competitive leading up to the long-anticipated finale. Prior to qualifying for the final round, Hershey High School just barely beat Gettysburg, with a final score of 380 points to 335 points. WGAL News 8 pitted Hershey as the “underdogs” in a recent pre-match report on student preparation.

WGAL News 8 also traveled to Manheim Township to visit their Brain Busters team - deemed “reigning champs.”

Brain Busters host Rich Rosen was not the only one asking questions during the final match. Special guests Lester Holt and Doctor Oz challenged the students with questions of their own through video broadcasting. Lester Holt (@LesterHoltNBC) is the weekend anchor of Nightly News and the TODAY show, as well as the anchor for Dateline NBC. Brain Busters was also honored to have special guest, Doctor Oz, Mehmet Oz, MD (@DrOz), who hosts the award-winning show The Dr. Oz Show (videos included below).

Following a fiery match, Manheim Township pulled ahead and claimed the victory. The final score was 480 to 305. Congratulations to Hershey High School on a fantastic season!

Congratulations to our 2013 Brain Busters winner: Manheim Township! 


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