The Ohio Insurance Institute Launches Insurance Careers Website

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Yesterday, the Ohio Insurance Institute (OII) launched a website focused on career development within the insurance industry: Many teens are unaware of the vast career opportunities available, but according to, “the insurance industry is one of the largest employers in Ohio.” answers the question, “Why Insurance?” Insurance is a stable industry, offering diversity, growth, financial stability and other attractive benefits. And, contrary to popular notions, there are a number of differing career paths to choose from.

The website guides students through the path of discovery starting with a career survey. The survey aligns skills and interests with possible job pathways, basing suggestions on position requirements, salary information, responsibilities and more. 

The website also features several career types within the industry, including marketing, human resources, IT, claim, administration, technology and more. It gives students the opportunity to explore differing areas of expertise within the same trade. The website also offers helpful student and educator resources. Within student resources, teens can interactively engage professionals through video interviews or the "Ask A Pro" program.  

Visit the website and explore your interest in insurance, or connect through social media at or  


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