Westfield to Help West Virginia Teens Understand Dangers of Drunk Driving

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The prom and graduation season is a dangerous time for teen driving accidents. Young drivers in Mason County, West Virginia will have the opportunity to gain greater respect for the dangers of driving, through the viewing of displays of a car involved in a fatal crash.

Westfield Insurance donated the car to the D.A.R.E. program operated by the County Sheriff’s Department, through the suggestion of the car’s owner, Paul Sheets of Point Pleasant, who was struck by a drunk driver in late 2011, and Deana Spaulding, the mother of Andrea Bailes, Sheets’ 14-year-old passenger who died in the crash.

The crash car will be on display in a mock crash scene at the following locations prior to the schools’ prom weekends:

  • Point Pleasant Junior/Senior High School on Wednesday, April 18
  • Hannan Junior/Senior High on Wednesday, April 25
  • Wahama High School, date TBD.

Although in this case an experienced driver caused the crash, teens are at far greater risk of death in an alcohol-related crash than the overall population. Traffic crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers in America. And, research shows that behaviors contribute to teen crashes.

Westfield Insurance and its private foundation support programs that teach newly licensed drivers defensive driving skills. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the majority of crashes occur within the first few months of driving, and defensive driving skills could prevent an estimated 60% of all teen vehicle crashes.

Check out our resources for more information on how you or your teen can stay focused and safe while driving:


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