Westfield Insurance Proudly Sponsors 7 Educational Quiz Shows

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Brain Game

Did you know that Westfield Insurance proudly sponsors seven quiz shows in Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Tennessee?

When high school teams win on quiz shows, the whole community wins. Top-placing teams receive a Sharing Knowledge grant for their school from Westfield Insurance.

Since 2003, Westfield has awarded nearly $1.1 million to more than 350 schools. In 2013, we will donate $140,000 more in grants through this program. With each quiz show, $20,000 is distributed among the top schools.

Putting Education First

Our academic programs, including our quiz show sponsorships, put education first by providing educational opportunities and rewarding academic excellence. We also strive to inform young people about career opportunities that exist in insurance to help them make informed decisions about their futures. Check out the recently launched website, InsuranceCareers.org for more information on career pathways in the insurance industry. 

Additionally, Westfield-sponsort  teen driving programs promote safe driving, and provide insurance information and tools to help young drivers keep themselves, their friends and their family safe on the road. 

How can agencies get involved? It's Easy!

Did you know that we have more than 70 agents involved in the academic quiz shows? If you know an agency that may be interested in getting involved, please contact Stacey Bruce for more information at staceybruce@westfieldgrp.com.Hometown High Q

Below, we've listed several ways to get involved: (please note that depending on where in the season the show is, options may vary)

  • Tape a promotional spot to be aired during the quiz show breaks. We consider these short “commercials.”
  • Share their involvement via social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In) and also through their website.
  • Promote their spot and involvement to their colleagues, friends and prospects.
  • Attend tapings of the show in their local community.
  • Participate as guest judge for specific shows.

Word of Mouth: Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

We continue to proudly sponsor all seven shows. Below, three partner stations discuss the impact of the ongoing programs:

“The Brain Game on WTHR has a well-known name and easily recognized, it is also one of the longest running, locally produced program, going on 49+ years. In many cases, a student body has no idea who the members are of their academic team is until Chris Wright and a Westfield Insurance agent shows up to present a check to the school.  To quote one mother, ‘Thank goodness there are still companies like Westfield Insurance that value a kid’s hard work and academic achievement.’”

“Westfield Insurance Quizbusters is one of the foundations of WNAB’s community-focused efforts, and represents a rare breed in local broadcasting: a revenue-generating non-news program that is good for the station, the client, and the community.  It’s a great thing to be able to come to work and see the kind of excitement that the show can generate in the participants and their families, and it feels good to show Middle Tennessee just how gifted these students can be.” 

 “As a corporate sponsor of In the Know since 2005, and exclusive sponsor of the program since 2007, the impact that Westfield Insurance has had on high school students in Central Ohio has been profound.  Last year alone, Westfield Insurance presented $20,000 in grant money to championship teams who participated in the quiz show, which translated to more students being able to pursue a college education and focus on academic interests that might not have otherwise been available to them.”


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