Westfield Insurance Ranks Among Best Companies for Employee Development

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Westfield Insurance is proud to be a great place to work for employees interested in development and advancement. According to Chief Executive Magazine and Chally Group, a global leadership and sales potential performance measurement firm, Westfield was named one of the Best Companies for Leaders.

Westfield earned high marks in all four of the key selection criteria, including:

  1. Quality of a formal leadership development process
  2. Level of involvement by the Chief Executive Officer
  3. Percentage of senior leadership and middle management positions filled by internal candidates
  4. Number of companies that report recruiting from the company being score

Rankings are were based on a study of about 1,000 firms worldwide. Awards were presented to the 40 Best Public Companies and 10 Best Private Companies. Westfield ranked third among private companies. Chally Group CEO Kenneth Carroll presented the award on July 19 as part of Westfield’s College Days, an event that introduces college counselors to career opportunities in insurance and banking.

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