Westfield Salutes Pittsburgh-area Valedictorians

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Westfiled Insurance Best of ClassIn addition to its sponsorship of KDKA-TV's Hometown High Q, Westfield Insurance joins KDKA in saluting valedictorians from Pittsburgh-area high schools in six "Best of the Class" segments. Each student is featured in a television segment airing on KDKA, proudly displaying their school's name and colors. 

"Sponsoring 'Best of the Class' is a perfect complement to Westfield's sponsorship of Hometown High Q on KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh," said Terri Grimm, marketing communications leader for Westfield Insurance.

Grimm continued, "These young adults deserve recognition for their hard work and commitment to education. They have a bright future ahead of them, and we extend our best wishes as they begin the next phase of their education."

Visit the KDKA-TV website to view the "Best of the Class" segments.


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